Please stop using it immediately.  Normally, the skin returns to normal after a few days of discontinuation, but if it has not changed or worse, please see a doctor.
Apply the product to the skin behind the earlobe before using the product, and check if there is irritation after one or two days.
Can be used on all skin types, people with sensitive skin recommend using ATORAK products
Although the environment may vary depending on the surrounding temperature or humidity, the serum efficacy may deteriorate.  Please try to use it within 24 hours after opening.  When storing, please ensure that the ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C.  Please do not freeze.  May cause product deterioration.
If you don't have home care equipment, you can apply it by hand just like ordinary products.  However, the effect of spraying fine particles supports deeper penetration and increased skin absorption rate.
In order to improve the absorption rate, please use it in the first stage as much as possible, and use other products after the absorption of the ampoule.
No problem.  However, using ampoules with other products applied first may reduce absorption.
The Rubycell 4U ampoule is a product focused on improving wrinkles, whitening and elasticity.  The ATORAK ampoule is designed for people with delicate skin and sensitive skin.  A product focused on elasticity, moisturizing, and strengthening the skin wall.